Web design must be complimentary with SEO for a website to flourish. A great web design may be visually fantastic, but all the elements inside must be very clean to display that certain visual. If a web page looks great on the outside,but the internal script is messy and too heavy, this can cause an issue for the web page itself and will result in an issue with SEO ranks. The main goal of a website is for it to be visually custom and creative as well has to have a clean coding on the inside. Read below the 5 web design tricks that will affect your SEO.

1- Bolds, Italics,Fonts, and Colors. Use your bolds, italics, and colors as much as possible on a web page. This doesn’t mean to use these items loosely. Always use them in the correct places when needed. For example, you write up some great content and you have some quotes and main bullet points in the page. You now can use italics for your quotes and bolds for the bullet points. Search engines always look for work that is of quality. This doesn’t mean write the biggest essay in the world, this just means that whatever you write, make it custom as much as possible. Font sizes are another hit in the mix. With mobile design being so important, new recommendations for web design have been imposed. Increased font size is the newest popular trend and the best trend that is mobile compatible. Large text size will provide web visitors an easy visual message to read. Another important part of customization includes web colors. A web design may have a color scheme that is the same on every page,but within the content make sure that your tags are complementary to that color scheme. Keep it neat and even.

2-Responsive design. It is time to get responsive! A web page that auto resizes for every screen size is known to be mobile friendly.With the majority of web visitors being on mobile devices, we cannot stress enough how important it is to make your web page layout responsive.

What happens if you keep a fixed layout?
Well, when 90 percent of web pages are now mobile, the average web visitor will expect every website to have the same layout and auto resize for their device. When this fails to happen, the user will ultimately have a bad web experience and may not visit the page after that. It is important to please every website visitor! This is one of the most important steps in web design. So if your website layout is currently fixed, we recommend upgrading to responsive.

3-Image Size Reduction. Image reduction is one of the most significant things to do on a web page. This first type of image reduction that will help a website tremendously. When a image is 1000px by 1600px, it can auto resize to a 400px by 500px if that web layout is responsive. Although responsive makes it easy for this to happen, it is not a good practice. The reason that it isn’t a good practice is because the image can reduce much more in size. This doesn’t mean cropping out the edges, but it means taking a template of a 400px by 500px cut and pasting a 1000px 1600px image on that other size. This action alone will reduce much of the images size and preserve the quality.

What are the affects of Image Size on Seo?

A large image size will reflect on the load speed of a website. If a web page loads too slow, the bounce rate of that particular page will increase. When this happens, google will think that there is something wrong with your website causing the bounce rate to go up. The main goal is to reduce the dimension of the photo and lead to a faster web page.

Where to find quality photos?

There are so many outlets that one can use to find studio quality photography. The first outlet is stock photography. These photos are available for a small fee,but there are millions and millions to choose from! The second outlet which is very popular is through creative commons. Creative commons images are known to be photographs that are offered for free. Depending on their sub-license, some may require attribution,some may not, and others may have commercial use preferences. Review all license conditions before use. Overall, there are many outlets today to find the best images for your website.

4-Clean CSS Code. A Clean coded website is known to rank much better on the web and provide the developer an easy surface to make any changes on the web page. Compressing CSS and Javascript files will minify the code and produce the same coding effect.

5-Sidebars,Widgets,Carousel,and Plugins. These heavy items are known to be a drag when it comes to web speed. The modern look of web design is in and with this look, things have become much more light weight. This is just the start of the web design modern era!

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