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5 Web Design Tricks that will affect your SEO

Web design must be complimentary with SEO for a website to flourish. A great web design may be visually fantastic, but all the elements inside must be very clean to display that certain visual. If a web page looks great on the outside,but the internal script is messy and too heavy, this can cause an […]


The task was to remove sensitive cart data from paypal standard payment module on opencart 1.5.6 file stands here catalog/controller/payment/pp_standard.php this peace of code: $data[‘products’][] = array( ‘name’ => htmlspecialchars($product[‘name’]), ‘model’ => htmlspecialchars($product[‘model’]), ‘price’ => $this->currency->format($product[‘price’], $order_info[‘currency_code’], false, false), ‘quantity’ => $product[‘quantity’], ‘option’ => $option_data, ‘weight’ => $product[‘weight’] ); was modified into: $this->$data[‘products’][0] = array( ‘name’ =>  ‘Order number ‘.$this->session->data[‘order_id’], […]